Blood Oath Pact #5 Bourbon (750ml)

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Blood Oath is an annually released unique blend of secretly sourced bourbons with a new blend for each pact. It's a limited run every year and while the bourbon is more than decent, the quality of the packaging makes this perhaps the best looking bourbon in the marketplace. It's scarcity, annual variation, and impressive burnt wood presentation box make this an excellent candidate for gifting to the bourbon lover who already has a full shelf.
Blood Oath Pact No. 5 blends an eight year old, high rye sourced bourbon that’s been finished for half a year in ex-dark Caribbean rum barrels, with an 11 year old high wheat bourbon, and a 13 year old high rye bourbon.
“When selecting these bourbons, I knew the dark rum sweet notes would be a perfect complement for these well-aged bourbons, and the result is extremely satisfying. On the nose, Pact No. 5 comes right off with dark fruit notes, brown sugar and a touch of orange zest, followed by sugar cane and dark chocolate notes and a little heat once you sip it. This one offers a lingering finish, accented by notes of honey” (John Rempe, Master Blender).