Charbay Release "III" Hop Flavored Whiskey (Barrel #8-15, 17&18 -750ml)

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The magnificent Charbay Whiskey is back for round three. This legendary distillate is without a doubt one of the best American Whiskeys ever produced. It's designated Hop-Flavored Whiskey because it was distilled with hoppy beer and for some reason hops are added after distillation as well. No one knows why, but all I can say is it's the work of a mad genius. Anyone who dismisses t his product because of this funny classification will lose my sympathy along with one of the best drinking experiences available. Totally unlike anything else on the market, the legend started with a tanker full of pilsner from the closed Sonoma Mountain Brewery, a beautiful alembic still, and a skilled distiller. 6 years in new, charred Missouri Oak and 8 further years in stainless steel and supernatural concoction was born. I mean this stuff was magnificent at 2 years old and to experience the progression of this whiskey throughout the years is mind blowing. A truly special and uniquely Californian whiskey.This is drawn from barrel 8-15, 17 & 18.