Chieftan's 1992 Glentauchers 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey (Bottled 2014 -750ml)

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Straight, this nearly 120 proof elixir pulls no punches, but stings and numbs the tongue and lower gums. Still, a wholesome wave of non-citric fruits poached in liquefied honey crystals pushes through the fire. Add several drops of water and you get slices of ripe cantaloupe melon floating in light sugar and agave syrup. And you notice a pleasant, sensual, slightly oily mouth feel. The fruitiness has a nice astringency, like tannins slightly puckering a fruity Shiraz. There’s a grassy barky earthiness to this, but with an un-cloying sweetness, like some craft sarsaparilla root or birch beer soda. From the nose, the “dry” wildflower honey and the complex multicultural spice follow through to the palate. And, again, good complexity (though a bit less complex and enticing than the nose) with earthy, sweet and spicy surprises. 21/25

The confluence of a high octane unfiltered ABV, warm fruit, measured sweetnesses and a global spice mix, combined with a tannin-like astringency that nonetheless holds itself a few paces back from “too dry” – and you have the formula for a long, tantalizing, warming finish – which is precisely what you get here. 23/25

The structure of this whisky is a weave of disparate elements that results in a very full, beguiling experience that brings the drinker across a single bridge from sight to nose to palate to finish – a bridge with remarkable twists and turns, all worth taking. This is well-tended, well-aged, well-structured and nicely balanced whisky that responds generously to close scrutiny. Lovely and robust simultaneously. 23/25