Blanton's "Straight from the Barrel - 1822" Single Barrel Bourbon (750ml)

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Barrel 1822, dumped on 10-3-2017, Warehouse H, Rick 61, 127.6 proof.

The way I look at it, the Blanton’s Straight From the Barrel (STFB) is a first cousin to the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. William Larue Weller is the same age as Weller 12, but cask strength. Thomas H. Handy is the same age as the standard Sazerac, but cask strength. Blanton’s STFB is the same age as Blanton’s, but cask strength.

That modus operandi has done wonders for Buffalo Trace’s #1 mash bill bourbon (GT Stagg), wheated bourbon (WL Weller) and rye (TH Handy). If Age International ever gave a thumbs up to use the #2 mash bill in the BTAC, the bourbon would probably look a lot like the SFTB depending on which warehouse they pulled form...

The two most similar, high proof, dark sugared bourbons out there would be the 2013 Stagg and a bottle of the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. Of course, that doesn’t help much considering neither is on the shelf, but if given the chance to buy only one, I would have a real hard time picking between these three.

Drinkwire (3/2014)