Four Roses "Super Premium" Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)

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Initially sweet with scents of caramel and vanilla.  Pear, apple, and honeydew fruits followed. It finished off with smells of oak, alcohol, and a slight hint of cloves.
As the nose indicated, the very first thing I tasted was the sweetness of this bourbon. Unlike many young bourbons which get much of their sweetness from the corn, the flavor of this one was far more mature and developed. Tastes of caramel and vanilla gave way to a brief lavender floral flavor, before apple and pear flavors showed through. Overall, a complex and well-balanced bourbon with a medium mouth feel.
The finish of this Bourbon consisted mostly of oak, leather, and a slight spiciness with many subtle fruit and floral tastes mixed in. It transitions from oak to leather and back again while I try to identify the other flavors. Before I can fully place them, it leaves me with a nice, smooth burn. This odd mix of being completely satisfied with the flavors, yet still intrigued to identify the lesser fruity flavors definitely kept me coming back for another sip time and again.
This bourbon is deep and complex as many have come to expect from Four Roses, yet very different from their typical U.S. offerings. It is a little less spicy with more sweetness and fruitiness than the three regular editions. It is not so tight or overpowering that it demands to be chilled or watered down. Without a doubt, this depth and uniqueness lands this bourbon squarely in the Neat category.
Share with anyone who can appreciate sipping on a complex, well-balanced bourbon.  Fans of Four Roses and other medium- to heavy-rye bourbons will especially enjoy this one.
Patrick Garrett -


43% Alc