George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 124.9 proof 2018 (750ml)

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The Nose is light for George T. Stagg, the aromas present themselves in an uncharacteristically refined way. Sweet raisins, brown sugar, and burnt oak cascade over a bed of rye spice. It’s quite pleasant and inviting. The palate is rich and bursting with flavors of raisins, cherries, vanilla, caramel, and seasoned oak. Typical of the brand, its depth and complexity are notable attributes. Not so typical is how manageable it is, with less punch than its proof would suggest, even if it is lower than usual. Finishes with a nice pop of rye spice at the onset, the finish shifts to sweeter flavors of cane sugar and burnt caramel. Hints of oak and tobacco also come into play, but fight for attention beyond the sweeter notes. It’s lengthy and delicious, nicely rounding out a very pleasant sip.
While it is the lowest proof George T. Stagg ever produced (Stagg is typically over 130 proof and often over 140 proof), it is still a high proof bourbon relatively speaking at 124.9 proof. What’s interesting is the lack of a mouth-sweltering proof, something I typically enjoy about George T. Stagg, allows the depth of flavors to really come through without a mask of heat. It reminds me a little of the 2013 release, which clocked in at 128.2 proof, however 2018’s is a more characteristic George T. Stagg flavor profile than 2013 was. Admittedly, those seeking a mouth-scorcher may be disappointed, but those who enjoy George T. Stagg and are open to a more subtle delivery of flavor will find this year’s release tremendously enjoyable 

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