The Irishman "Founder’s Reserve" Irish Whiskey

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It is a mixture of 70% single malt Irish whiskey with 30% single pot still Irish whiskey, with no column-still grain whiskey in sight. (Writers’ Tears is 40% and 60%, for comparison.) These components are both triple-distilled and aged in ex-bourbon casks. The final product of uncertain age is bottled at the bare minimum 40% ABV.

Nose: Peach, marzipan, and honey. Bubblegum. Markedly grainy, with a hint of grassiness and a little glue / industrial solvents, but less so than cheaper blends. The fruit is well-balanced and light, and the sweetness is present but not cloying.

Palate: Syrupy body. Grain-forward, like too-young malt whiskey, but with more honey and bubblegum. Less fruit than on the aroma, but still lightly sweet. Very low tongue burn, but a little two-dimensional.

Finish: Raw honey, tropical fruits (kiwi), and a little drying barrel tannin and charcoal bitterness. Fades with dry woodiness and herbal bitters.

With Water: The addition of a very few drops of water adds banana custard to the aroma and brings out more grassiness on the palate and finish, emphasizing its youth. I would skip water with this one.

Overall: Much better than your typical bottom-shelf Irish blend, but doesn’t rise as high as the better malts or pure pot stills like Tyrconnell or Redbreast. Still, it has a nice balance of lightly sweet and fruity notes with a mild “green malt” graininess that doesn’t ruin the experience