Thomas Handy (BTAC) Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey 2018 - 128.8 Proof (750ml)

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If not adding water, let the whiskey sit for awhile after opening so you can make out more aromas on the nose. Cedar comes through initially along with dark spices and tea leaves. Upon further tastes, sweet corn and vanilla peak in from time to time. On the palate, the dark flavors of rye spice take over with some cigar smoke and rope. It's a bit hot without water, but smooth. Adding a few drops of water, of course, opens up the whiskey and provides more sweetness both on the nose and taste. The finish is filled with baking spices--particularly cardamom and star anise--and a more savory than sweet profile. Although it lacks the depth of the older bottles in the BTAC, it is thoroughly enjoyable.