William Larue Weller Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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This is a much darker bourbon than I normally encounter. It’s almost a dark brown with copper highlights as the sun’s rays pass through it. The legs are very long and impressive.

The nose is also very impressive. Amazingly, there is no alcohol burn associated with it. How is that even possible?  I love caramel corn and that is the primary aroma I get coming from this magical elixir. There is also vanilla, pipe tobacco and very light oak. I’m always reluctant to add any water to my pour even though I know at times it can release additional flavors and complexity. I consumed this neat and found it very exciting, but a little difficult to pick up on all the flavor. It coated the mouth beautifully with flavors of dates and vanilla with lighter notes of leather and oak.

The finish is the longest I’ve ever experienced. The mouth experience begins at the front and finally includes the back. However, the finish is a smooth powerful force. It went on and on, but not in waves. It simply parked itself at the back without biting. - Father John Rahls