Writers’ Tears "Copper Pot" Irish Whiskey

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93 points Ultimate Beverage Challenge

Treble notes of butterscotch and cotton candy give the initial impression of this unusual medium-weight whisky. Bourbon-like vanilla and char notes on the palate give shape to playful sweet grain and dried pear, building in intensity to a dry, spicy conclusion. (4/2016)

Whisky Advocate

It is described as of a style popular in James Joyce's Dublin (hence the name). Grain whiskey was a no-no at that time, so this uses no grain and is a mix of malt and pot still whiskeys. For its price and strength it is amazing — a big-hearted and full-flavored whiskey with an oily, apple-y pot still heart and cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper spices. (6/2012) DS